51 Ruby in Zoisite, Smoky Quartz and Pearl Torsade

Unusual 3-strand necklace is handmade with ruby in zoisite squares, smoky quartz faceted briolettes and green fresh water pearls. Strung with a beautiful mother of pearl rose clasp and measures approximately 17 inches in length. RUBY is believed to be a leadership stone. Stimulates the heart chakra. Promotes positive dreams, aids retaining wealth and passion. Detoxifies body and blood, helps fevers, restricted blood flow. Helps with issues related to survival. Good for military personnel in battle. ZOISITE helps transform negative energies into positive ones and is believed to connect us with the spiritual realms. It helps in manifesting ideas and brings repressed feelings and emotions to the surface so they can be released. Helps refocus the mind and aids recovery from severe illness or stress. A detoxifier, it strengthens the immune system. This gem stimulates fertility and when combined with Ruby, is said to increase potency. SMOKY QUARTZ Relieves fear, lifts depression, bringing serenity and positive thought. Helps turn dreams into reality. Associated with stability, practicality, good luck, creativity, intuition, pride, joy and grounded spirituality. Aids detoxification on all levels. Useful for assisting chemotherapy. Aids virility. Neutralizes negative energy and purifies chakras. Helps calm overactive children. PEARLS foster motherly love and are protective. Inspire purity, innocence, serenity, tranquility, focus, and help us get in touch with the simple, honest things of life. Believed to ensure good health and longevity and to attract wealth.
51 Ruby in Zoisite, Smoky Quartz and Pearl Torsade
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