26 Clear Quartz, Citrine and Rose Quartz Loose Nuggets

Set of Loose Nuggets to Enhance Serenity. Set includes 1 polished nugget of clear quartz, rose quartz and citrine. Each nugget is approximately 20x15mm. Perfect for men,women, or older children and can easily be kept in a pocket. Silk pouch included. CITRINE is believed to attract wealth and success, bring happiness, confidence and generosity. Energizes, and invigorates, increasing motivation, energy, creativity. Promotes inner peace. Eliminates toxins from digestion. Helps in diabetes, thyroid imbalance to help circulation of blood. Fortifies immune system. Shields against harmful effects of electrical products. Helps keep fat in check. CLEAR QUARTZ is believed to be one of the most powerful healing gems which works on all levels to strengthen, cleanse and protect. Helps to amplify and store energy. Deep soul cleanser. Heightens intuition. Stimulates immune system, brings harmony, soothes burns. ROSE QUARTZ is said to calm and reassure, attune to the energy of unconditional love, open the heart to love, bring about deep inner healing. May be helpful for increasing feelings of self-trust and self-worth, fostering motherly love and protection.
26 Clear Quartz, Citrine and Rose Quartz Loose Nuggets
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