80 Carnelian, Citrine, Tiger Eye Loose Nuggets

Set of Loose Tiger’s Eye, Citrine and Carnelian Nuggets to Enhance Wealth and Abundance for Men or Boys This set includes 3 loose tumbled polished nuggets. Each nugget is approximately 20×15mm and can easily be kept in a pocket. Comes with a silk pouch. TIGER’S EYE Is believed to be a stone of protection. Helps to show correct use of power. Aids accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources. Brings clarity of intention. Anchors change into the physical body. Integrates brain hemispheres, balances yin and yang energy. Energizes body, enhances psychic abilities. Attracts wealth. CITRINE is believed to attract wealth and success, bring happiness, confidence and generosity. Energizes, and invigorates, increasing motivation, energy, creativity. Promotes inner peace. Eliminates toxins from digestion. Helps in diabetes, thyroid imbalance to help circulation of blood. Fortifies immune system. Shields against harmful effects of electrical products. Helps keep fat in check. CARNELIAN is said to ground one into present surroundings, remove fear of death, bringing acceptance of cycle of life. Motivates success in business, improves analytical abilities and clarifies perception. Aids positive life choices. Protects against anger. May influence female reproductive organs, helps rheumatism, arthritis, depression.
80 Carnelian, Citrine, Tiger Eye Loose Nuggets
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